The China State Grid and The Russia Power Grid Sign Agreement

27 Jan 2019816

Recently, the China State Grid Corporation and the Russia Grid Corporation signed an agreement on the intention to carry out digital power grid cooperation. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on strengthening cooperation between China and Russia in the field of power and promoting digital power grid technology exchange, and jointly signed an agreement on the intention to carry out digital power grid cooperation.

At present, the acceleration of urbanization, digitization and industrialization on a global scale has brought unprecedented energy challenges – the rapid growth of electricity demand, the surge in the number of connected devices, and the increase in the share of renewable and distributed energy are both strongly impacted in the development of the entire power industry.

Digital technology has become the key to power transformation. Whoever can master the digital weapon and apply it according to local conditions will have the opportunity to take the lead in this wave of transformation. Today, Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms are expanding, and the ecosystem is constantly expanding, and they have entered other industries including the power industry.

Schneider Electric, one of the world's top 500 companies, proposed that in the future, digital power grids will focus on four technologies: advanced distribution network monitoring system technology, standardized compatible technical standards, online sensing technology, and human error control technology.

Intelligent power meters are an important guarantee for the implementation of digital power grids.The 194Y-9SY produced by the BLUE JAY is an intelligent power quality detection device.194Y-9SY is a three phase electrical network power quality detection device provide energy consumption and generate; THD (Total Harmonic Distortion); Harmonic individual data reading. At the same time , build-in 4 tariffs energy logger function with onboard memory can record last three month energy data free to set max 12 segment record period can be use as a commercial billing unit. It is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems.

Another product produced by the BLUE JAY is the 194Q-9SY.It is a high-end multifunction power analyzer manufactured,it has higher measurement accuracy and powerful functions.It can be used as a data gathering device for an intelligent Power Distribution System or Plant Automation System. Provide Harmonic measurement with multi-tariff record user can easy establish accounting standards for different time. Max 52th harmonic individual monitor let user clear grasp of the present electrical grid quality.