PR200 Motor protector

PR200 motor protection relay is an all-in-one solution designed to continuously monitor 3-phase power lines for abnormal conditions. It can use with motors less than 690V/820A. Packed inside a small and economic package you’ll find a solution designed to save you time and money.

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PR200 Motor protector
PR200 Motor protector


-. High accuracy sample calculation, class 0.5 for 2% -120% measurement range; class 1 for 120% -1000% measurement range.
-. Built-in 2-channel relay, free to user set protected trip mode, alarm mode and trig mode.
In protection mode, channel 1 relay can use for alarm, channel 2 for trig operation.
-. User free to set each protection function act off, alarm or trip.
-. Build in Sequence of Event function, can logger last 10 trip records.
-. With programmable analog output function, user option RS-485 communication interface.
-. Can provide basic electrical parameter for user SCADA system.
-. Wide range of power supply AC85-265V or AC80-450V.

Protection function 

Start Overtime,
Over Load,
Phase Failure,
Current imbalance,
Under load,
Ground fault


Working environment:
Motor rated voltage:    AC380V / AC660V
Motor rated current:    0.5-820A
Working temperature:    -20C ~ +60C
Storage temperature:    -40C ~ +80C
Relative humidity:    < 93% RH
Elevation:    not more than 3000 m
Atmospheric conditions:    installation site does not allow the explosive medium, containing gas to corrode metal and damage the insulation and conductive medium.

Measuring accuracy:
Current:    ± 0.5% (2% to 120% of Ie) 
± 1% (120% to 10% of Ie)
Voltage:    ± 0.5%
Leakage current:    ± 1% (10% to 100% of Ir)
Analog Output:    ± 1% (4 ~ 20mA)

Electrical parameters:
Auxiliary Power:     AC80-450V (DC110V-500V)
Power consumption:    <4 VA
Insulation resistance:    > 100MΩ
Relay:     Trip relay @ 10A / AC250V, 10A / 30VDC (NC node)
              Alarm relay @ 5A / 250VAC,  5A / 30VDC (NO node)