110V/220V Battery Online Monitor

ZJB-101 online monitoring system consists with battery cell acquisition module and monitoring host device. It provide real-time string voltage, charge / discharge status detect, export current, cell current & voltage, internal resistance etc. It also provide automatic balance function of battery cell, to keep the voltage at a reasonable float charging range, prolong the service life of the battery.

Comm port allow build remote monitor system, provide reliable and effective management method for the battery bank management, reduce risk of power interruption caused by power failure.

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ZJB-101.pdf 2022-07-14
110V/220V Battery Online Monitor
110V/220V Battery Online Monitor


· Independent sampling channel, fuse to protect battery safety.
· Cell monitoring module equipped external temperature sensor.
· Automatically switch three working modes: Equalization operations , Internal resistance test, Voltage and temperature monitoring.
· Automatic determine battery opened loop or offline status.
· Detect and display charge and discharge capacity of the battery bank.
· Alarm record with time stamp for battery unexpect status, minimun 1min record interval for all battery cell.
· 4.0 inch TFT screen.
· USB interface for export record data.
· Provide Visual & sound alarm notice, with DO passive node for connect other device.
· Ethernet interface, RS232 and RS485 interfaces for build SCADA.