Battery Bank Discharge Tester

ZJB-DT is highly intelligent battery charge and discharge tester. It can be used as the discharge load in the battery off-line state, and realize the constant discharge of the set value by continuously regulating the discharge current. the tester records all valuable and continuous real-time data during the process.

Friendly HMI provide a variety of configuration and data review, user can download record data to USB. PC host operation software can generate the curves and reports needed.

File Update time
ZJB-101.pdf 2022-07-14
Battery Bank Discharge Tester
Battery Bank Discharge Tester


· Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7-inch 1024*600 LCD display.
· Discharge load use PTC ceramic resistor, avoid red heat for a safer discharge process.
· Remote battery data collector use wireless, multiple band design for 4 device working in one site.
· Each device support max 25 cell collection boxes, each box connect 12 batteries, total 300 battery cell detecting.
· User free to configuration charge/discharge termination threshold.
· Provide software export record & curve report for further analysis.
· Various alarm function, provide automatic protection in over-temperature/voltage/current status.
· With RS485 port for remote control