DCG Series DC Insulation Monitor

DCG series DC insulation monitor is based onRS485 Modbus protocol, suitable for EV DCcharging system, photovoltaic system, energystorage system, DC power grid and other DCsystems under 1000V.

This device has the function of insulationmonitoring start and stop, insulationmonitoring can be real-time monitoring ofpositive and negative poles to the groundinsulation resistance, the monitoring result isnota affected by DC voltage changing, is notaffected by the positive and negative polesinsulation resistance symmetry.

DCG Series DC Insulation Monitor
DCG Series DC Insulation Monitor


·Monitoring of the DC circuit bus barinsulation resistance RF to earth.
·Bridge balance method for resistancemeasurement.
·Single channel and dual-channels typeoptional.
·Wider DC insulation monitoring rangeDC0~1000V.
·Faster monitoring speed of turning on.·Communicate with RS485 Modbus networks·Adaptive capacitance to ground.
·Simple device setting by DIP switch.

Detect channels Single channel Dual channels
DC voltage range 0~1000V
Power supply  9~30VDC
Insulation resistance range 1KΩ~10MΩ 
Insulation monitoring accuracy 3KΩ+10%(100-300V)
3KΩ+5% (300-1000V)
Measurement accuracy 2V+0.3%
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Operating temperature & humidity -40°C ~ 70°C, 85%
Off-line pressure test  <2mA
Communication RS485 Modbus
Installation type Din Rail mount