KP Series Nickel-cadmium Battery

KP series nickel-cadmium pocket type can bedivided into low rate (KPL), medium rate (KPM)and high rate (KPH) based on their dischargecurrent. It tailored for superior performance athigh temperature, high discharge, fast charge,long-term float or trickle charge.

They have advantage of high power andenergy density, high efficiency ofcharge/discharge,a low cycle life, usually usedfor Railway DC power supply, Wind-energy/Solar systems, Telecom station,Lighting, UPS, Transport Vehicles etc.

KP Series Nickel-cadmium Battery
KP Series Nickel-cadmium Battery


·Large range of working temperature,-25°Cto 45°C.
·Long service life: more than 20 years.
·Excellent charging efficiency and low rate ofself discharge.
·Low maintenance cost and replacement cost.
·High resistance to mechanical and electricalabuse.

Model KPL Series  KPM Series KPH Series
Battery Type Low Discharge Rate Medium Discharge Rate High Discharge Rate
Rated Capacity (Ah) 10-1200Ah 10~1100Ah 10~400Ah
Discharge Rate  0.5C 5A   3.5C 5A  7.5C 5A
Nominal Voltage (V)  1.2V
Discharge Performance 8h @ 0.2C 5A, 20°C
Float Charging Voltage 1.4 ~ 1.44V
Charge Method Constant Current
Cycle Life 500 to 5000 cycles
Internal Resistance Approx. 30mΩ
Operating Temp. 25±10°C
Normal Temp. -25°C to 45°C 
Container Material ABS/PP optional
Terminal M8/M10/M16/M10*1.5/M20*1.5 optional
Design life More than 20 years
Weight(Kg) 1-62KG 1.2-68.3KG 2.15-27KG