194Z Ecnomic Multifunction Meter

194Z Ecnomic type Multi-function power meter is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems. Provide RS-485 communication port easy for user connect to PLC and build SCADA system.

High measurement accuracy(0.5%) and system stability it is cost effective ideal for OEMs and panel builders solution. With its four direct access keys and LCD displays (Option LED display screen) helps you use all the parameters in 3P3W or 3P4W LV installation.

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194Z Ecnomic Multifunction Meter
194Z Ecnomic Multifunction Meter


-. Class 0.5 for basic power parameter.
-. Class 1.0 for active energy (KWH), reference IEC62053-21.
-. 96*96mm panel mounting size.
-. ITF Technology: galvanic insulation protection inputs outputs
-. Optional multi-tariffs energy data record.
-. Optional 2*DO port for remote control
-. Optional 4*DI port for collect signal from other equipment in site

Power Supply AC / DC 80-265V, 45-65Hz
Burned < 10VA
Current Measurement  .../ 1A or .../5 A
Burned < 0.1W
Voltage Measurement Direct measurement 18~277V ac (L-N)
PT secondary …/100Vac
Burned < 0.1W
Frequency Measurement 45~65Hz
Resolution 0.01Hz
Accuracy U / I / P/ Q - 0.5%
Frequency - 0.1%
Active Energy - 1.0 class
Reactive Energy - 2.0 class
Communication Port RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Pulse Outputs  2 channel Coupler relay
Alarms Outputs (Optional) 2 channel DO & 4 channel DI
230 VAC  5 A


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