194E LED Power Meter

194E is extrem low cost solution for power line parameter monitor, It's equipped 3 line LED disply. Visual display of the modt commonly used data. It is widely used in metering of distribution feeders transformers generators capacitor banks and motors.

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194E LED Power Meter
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194E LED Power Meter
194E-9SY (2).jpg


-. Class 0.5 for basic power parameter
-. LED screen display 3 lines 4 digits
-. 96*96mm panel mounting size
-. ITF Technology: galvanic insulation protection inputs outputs

Power Supply AC / DC 80-265V, 45-65Hz
Burned < 10VA
Current Measurement  .../ 1A or .../5 A
Burned < 0.1W
Voltage Measurement Direct measurement 18~277V ac (L-N)
PT secondary …/100Vac
Burned < 0.1W
Frequency Measurement 45~65Hz
Resolution 0.01Hz
Accuracy U / I / P/ Q - 0.5%
Frequency - 0.1%
Active Energy - 1.0 class
Reactive Energy - 2.0 class
Communication Port RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Pulse Outputs  2 channel Coupler relay


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