CD212 Advanced Power Factor Regulator

CD-212 is ready for operation with its preset functions immediately after installation without any modifications or adjustments. With smart switching control identifies the power of the connected capacitor stages and connects or disconnects them in an optimized manner as required by the actual mains conditions. This guarantees that optimum power factor correction is achieved with the minimum number of switching operations. 

Dynamic compensation response time less than20ms work with static contactor provide zero-crossing switching and harmonic protect function Suitable for welding steel rolling machinery cranes oil field pumping units wind power generation piling machines and other varies equipment with large instant impact system. With RS485 communication port can control extra 3 sets CD-212 build Max 48 step control.

File Update time
CD-212 USER MANUAL V10.pdf 2020-05-28
CD212 Advanced Power Factor Regulator
CD212 Advanced Power Factor Regulator


Automatic detect electrical network system status, do not need special configuration
Large size TFT LCD display, one screen can show more info than segment LCD screen
Various automatic protection functions can make sure capacitor bank long term working
With basic electrical parameter measurement and display (I / U / KW / KVAR / KVA / HZ / COS)
Provide power quality statu display (Current & Voltage wavefrom and 2-31th Harmonic)
Record past 4 days site Power factor trend, display in visualization graph 

Power Supply AC 220V ± 20%
Consumption <12VA
Sampling voltage AC  (110V AC ~ 690V)  ± 20%
50Hz/60Hz  ± 5%
Sampling current AC 0~5 A
or AC 0 ~1 A optional
Measuring parameters of grid Reactive Power, Power Factor
Measuring sensitivity 50mA          
Measuring precision Voltage: 0.5 class; Current: 0.5 class;
Power factor: 0.5 class; Frequency: 0.5 class
Active power: 1.0 class; Reactive power: 2.0 class
Output mode Model D: DC12V / 50mA
Model J:  Relay 5A / AC250V
Dynamic response time < 20ms @ DC 12V
< 1s @ Relay 5A/250V
Communication Port (Optional) RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Diamension 144 x 144 x 50 mm
138 x 138 mm cut out size