CB212/JKW6 Power Factor Corrector

CB-212 is advance three phase 3 wire APFC display provide user-friendly interface and ease of access to parameters for manual setting built-in power analyzer allowing the instantaneous display of any electrical parameter (voltage current reactive power harmonics etc. With THD protection function not affected by the harmonics can protect capacitor from harmonic interference.

Max 12 step control 5A/250V relay output or 12VDC output. Optional RS-485 communication port easy for user connect to PLC and build SCADA system. Higher measurement accuracy(0.5) and system stability it is cost effective ideal for OEMs and panel builders solution.

File Update time
BJ-CB212_1.3.pdf 2020-05-28
JKW6_Manual_1.1.pdf 2020-05-28
CB212/JKW6 Power Factor Corrector
CB212/JKW6 Power Factor Corrector


-. I / U / KW / KVAR / HZ / COS measurement and display
-. 93*70 LCD display
-. Anti-harmonic design
-. Max 12 steps capacitor control

Power Supply AC 220V ± 20%
Consumption <12VA
Sampling voltage AC  (110V AC ~ 690V)  ± 20%
50Hz/60Hz  ± 5%
Sampling current AC 0~5 A
or AC 0 ~1 A optional
Measuring parameters of grid Reactive Power, Power Factor
Measuring sensitivity 50mA          
Measuring precision Voltage: 0.5class; Current: 0.5 class;
Power factor: 0.5 class; Frequency: 0.5 class
Active power: 1.0 class; Reactive power: 2.0 class
Dynamic response time < 20ms @ DC 12V
< 1s @ Relay 5A/250V
Communication Port (Optional) RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Diamension 144 x 144 x 50 mm
138 x 138 mm cut out size


CB212-12J / JWK6-12J 12 steps AC contactor connection
CB212-12D/ JWK6-12D 12 steps DC thyristor contactor connection