CA212 Basic Power Factor Controller

CA-212 has been designed to ensure high accuracy in power factor regulation and excellent utilization of capacitor banks and relays in three phase 3 wire electrical grid common range for all network voltages from 100V to 440V system reactive power compensation front panel is equipped with a 3-digits 7 segments display to show the present value of power factor voltage and line current.

Max 12 steps relay output for contactor easy commissioning optional LCD display screen(provide power monitor function and CT ratio setting).

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CA212 Basic Power Factor Controller
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CA212 Basic Power Factor Controller
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-. I / U / COS measurement
-. Three digital LED display
-. Max 12 control steps (default 6 steps)
-. Used in three-phase balance gird
-. Self-powered from bus line

Sampling voltage AC 380V  ± 20%, optional 220V, 110V
50Hz ± 5%
Overload 1.5 x U cont. 4 x U for 1 sec
Sampling current 0 ~ 5A /<0.1Ω
Measuring parameters of grid Reactive Power, Power Factor
Measuring precision Voltage: 0.5class; Current: 0.5 class;
Power factor: 0.5 class; Frequency: 0.5 class
Active power: 1.0 class; Reactive power: 2.0 class
PF control threshold Turn on 0.90 ~ 0.99
Turn off -1.0 ~ -0.90
Delay time of switching output 10s ~ 120s
Over-voltage protective setting  5 10 15 20%Ue adjustable and 5V hysteresis
Under-current protective setting  2 4 6 8 10%Ie adjustable and 1.5%Ie hysteresis
Diamension 144 x 144 x 50 mm
138 x 138 mm cut out size