ZP-02 Head-mounted temperature transmitter

The ZP series Temperature Transmitter is designed to meet common Single Point measurement application requirements. This transmitter can easily work with a variety of sensors (RTDs and thermocouples) and thermowells. It provided in a head mount configuration suitable for installation in a wide variety of connection heads and housings. A PC-programmable interface is available, providing an easy-to-use configuration method from any PC.

Basic temperature transmitter offers a reliable solution for temperature monitoring points, provides flexible and reliable performance in process environments, Excellent performance with low temperature drift and auto zero calibration, reducing the need for expensive extension wires and multiplexers.

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ZP-02 Head-mounted temperature transmitter
ZP-02 Head-mounted temperature transmitter


-. Standard head mounting shell can be install in any types industry transmitter housing
-. Accept various tempearture sensor signal input 
-. Output two-wire standard current signal
-. Programmable design allowed user free to configuration input signal type and range, output signal range

Power Supply 8.5VDC~32VDC
Input Types 4-20mA / 20-4mA;
Output signal types 4-20mA or 0...1/5V, 0...1/10V
Response Time < 0.4S (0-90%,100%-10%)
Precision ±0.05%
Temp. Drift 0.01% per Celsius
Volt fluctuation influence ±0.005% X span / below V DC
Load Capacity < 700Ω in 24VDC; (mA output)
< 1060Ω in 36VDC (Volt output)
Isolation Strength AC1500v 1min between the input / output
IP Ranking Casing/Terminal IP50/IP20