Do not need to disconnect electrical wires just simply close them around the wires being read and snap the catches into place. It provide 0.1% accuracy with a 10 mA ~100mA output. It also have superior abilities at measuring the phase angle of AC systems.



Secondary side current less than 1A
Optional epoxy or silicon steel core
Compact size for residental switchgear enclosure
Optional solid core type for higher accuracy, upto 0.1 class
With 1 meter distance copper wire for easy installation

Rated Primary Current Up to 500A
Secondary side Output ../100mA or ../0.333V @ ± 0.5% from 5% to 120%
or ../1A @ ± 1% from 5% to 120%
Insulation Voltage 600VAC
Maximum input voltage 5000VAC (Insulated Conductor)
Phase angle error Less than 2 degrees at 50% of rated current
Frequency Range 50 Hz to 400 Hz
Operating Temperature -15C to 60C
Construction ABS or PC