STK is a micro-controller based intelligent Thyristors Switching Module. The modules are designed to switch a star- or delta-wired symmetric or asymmetric capacitive resistive or inductive load in a 400/230-volt (440/250-volt) system.

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STK thyristors switch module.pdf 2020-03-11

Rated voltage AC 380V ~ 690V
Rated frequency 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rated current 32A ~ 110A to prevail in kind
Working power supply AC380V or AC220V or DC switching power supply
Control voltage DC 12V / 10mA or under APFC controller
Dimensions 216 x 120 x 178mm (L x W x H)
Mounting size 198 x 36mm
STK-45G/F/N Rated current: 45A to prevail in kind, Capacitor volume:
G ( <16 kvar )
F ( < 3 x 5kvar )
N (< 30 kvar )
STK-55G/F/N Rated current: 55A to prevail in kind, Capacitor volume:
G ( 17kvar ~ 30kvar )
F ( <3 x ( 5.5~10 )kvar )
N ( 31 ~ 50kvar )
STK-85G/F/N Rated current: 85A to prevail in kind, Capacitor volume:
G ( 31 ~ 50kvar)
F ( <3 x (11~17)kvar)
N ( 51 ~ 75kvar)

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