CP-M (Max Demand)

CP-M maximun demand consists of 2 bimetallic spirals which are installed working one against each other. Maximun demand indicators are especially suited for the supervision of thermal load of cables and transformers.

The instrument has a sealable resetting knob with which the red drag indicator can be resetted on the position of the meter's movement pointer (Do not turn lower!). Thermal time delay 15 min.

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CP-M (Max Demand)
CP-M (Max Demand)


M4 screw connections with clamps make this easier Clamping the connecting wires. 
Housing use matiral match UL94V-0 standard
All fastenings suitable for shaking and shock resistance.
Accept special customization requirements


Ordering info

Measurement range (CT range)
Overload (1.2 or 2.0 times)
Response time (8min or 15min)
Working mode (direct heat or indirect heat)

CP-M Max demand indicator with bimetallic movement
CP-2M Combined max demand indicator with moving iron ammeter
 CP-AM Max demand indicator with Alarm relay