CP-T (Moving Iron)

CP-T series moving iron panel instruments are predominantly used in the usual technical frequency range 15...100 Hz for alternating current and alternating voltage measurements in the ordinary technical frequency range 15...100 Hz.

This instruments practically show independently of the wave form also at high harmonic content - the effective value of the alternating current.

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CP-T (Moving Iron)
double A_V meter.jpg
CP-T (Moving Iron)
double A_V meter.jpg


M4 screw connections with clamps make this easier Clamping the connecting wires. 
Housing use matiral match UL94V-0 standard
All fastenings suitable for shaking and shock resistance.
Accept special customization requirements


Ordering info

Measurement range (Include CT/VT ratio)
Overload (Amp/voltage reading)
Accuracy class
Operation frequency
Marine use or not

CP-T_V AC voltage meter
CP-T_A AC current meter
CP-2T_A Dual-pointer AC current meter
CP-2T_V Dual-pointer AC voltage meter
CP-4T_[] Four-pointer AC panel meter (voltage or current)