MIOS Modular remote I/O system

MIOS system is a special design isolated signal remote I/O system, it linked a local area network designed to connect controllers to remote I/O chassis and replacement of discrete wirings by fieldbus or industrial Ethernet communication.

MIOS supports up to 31 slots with as many as 128 I/O points in each system. If you need more, you can expand your system with Ethernet router, easily support thousands of I/O points in a single system

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MIOS Modular remote I/O system
MIOS Modular remote I/O system


-. Support universal Input Signal
-. Local area network designed for factory-floor applications
-. Connects controllers to remote I/O chassis and other intelligent devices
-. Channel to channel isolated Remote I/O
-. Built-In Web Server
-. Dual Channel , Power Hot Swap Supported
-. Support Multi Communication Protocols
-. Flexibly Configuration With Sorts of Full Isolated I/O models
-. MWG1 main module support up to 31units I/O modules
-. Back board designed with redundant power-supply interfaces

Power Supply 24VDC±10%
MWG1 1W, other module 3W
Analog input Max 60 channels
Digital input Max 60 channels
Analog output Max 60 channels
Digital input Max 60 channels
Communication (RJ45 port) 10m/100m Protocol Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, http
Modbus TCP(client) Max 6 connections
http (client) Max 2 connections 
Communication (Modbus Port) Protocol Modbus RTU
Address ID range 1~254
Insulation Resistor >100MΩ / 500V between the input / output
Isolation Strength AC1500v 1min between the input / output
Ambient Temp. / Humi.  -40 ~ 85 C / 95% RH
Dimensions 113 X 109 X N mm (N 17.5*32)
Terminal Wiring Screw mounting, AWG #26-12
Comm Interface Mini USB
Standard EN61326-2003
LED Indicator Normally lighting indicates power supplied and working normally, blinking indicates digital communication is under way.


Webserver for data view and configuration


Provide 6 MODBUS TCP client access

Or 2 HTTP clients access MIOS

Typical site install with already SIMENS PLC

MWG1 Core control unit RJ45* 1, Built-in Websever 
RS485 Master* 1, RS485 Slave* 1
AUX: 24Vdc, support Din-rail kit power other modules
M122 Analog input  2* current input, 2* current output
M140 Analog input  4* current input
M240 Digital input  4* input
M304 Analog output   4* current output
M404 Digital output  4* output
M522 Analog input  2* current input, powered loop, 2* current output
M540 Analog input  4* current input, powered loop
M711 Temperature input  1* temperature input, 1* 4-20mA output
M730 Temperature input   3* temperature input
BT Din-rail mounting kit Support AUX and internal data exchange