See, How Easily You Can Low Carbon

08 Jul 2020308


“Bus or walk?”  “Running or elevator?”  “28C or 27C in your room?” These options nowadays have caught people’s eyes. And almost every people in the world are aware of the quality of modern life: comfortable and green.

Do you know these startling facts about energy consumption?

Miss Liu, a worker from Nanjing famous bank, made a calculation of carbon emissions in one year and astonished about the result 4 tons of emissions. It is higher than 2.7 tons from average Chinese people. Miss Liu says, she must change her life style. For example:

Soaking rice for 10 minutes before cooking can reduce 4.5 degrees electricity one day, and reduce the 4.4 kg in carbon dioxide emissions in one year.

A small company manager from UK uses multi-power meter to low carbon. Here is his explanation.

Smart energy meter can show the information where you are making progress towards energy-saving targets and where you could make further improvements and cost-effective ways to lower your energy bills. With energy consumption reduced, CO2 Emissions will slip down accordingly.

Lighting consumes 19% of the world’s electricity generation. CO2 Emissions from lighting equals 70% of global emissions from vehicles. In most commercial buildings lighting accounts for 40% or more of their electricity costs. If you can save one degree electricity one day, you can save 365 degrees a year. CO2 Emission will surly remarkable reduce.

Turning unnecessary lights is as easy as lift a hand, isn’t it? Do you want to join us “Low Carbon Family”.  Here are some tips for you to low carbon; you may see how easily you can do.

Shut down computer in time.

Statistics show that 75% of all power consumption in the family is using TV, computer and acoustics. One computer generally consumes 60 to 250 watts every day. If a computer works for 4 hours a day and turn off the other time, this can save about 500 RMB and reduce 83% of the carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Take a bus.

Carbon dioxide from the transportation covers more than 30% of the whole greenhouse gas emissions. The best way to narrow this part emission is to take a bus. The American public transportation association says, public transportation save nearly 5.3 billion liters of gas a year, which means that can reduce 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Prepare shopping bags

The world consumes more than 500 billion plastic bags each year, of which only less than 3% can be recyclable. Made from polyethylene, plastic bags are hard to biologically decompose and produce hazardous greenhouse gases. So when shopping, don't forget to bring your own shopping bags.

And other useful opertion

Saving energy equals saving money!