Talking about the world isolator market

02 Nov 202131

The birth of the isolator is due to the filtering of industrial site noise and high and low frequency pulse signal interference and the isolation protection of the control system to ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of the signal output. Later, the design of signal transmission and improving the load capacity has also been added. It appeared almost with the emergence of early industrial automation. The acquisition of analog signals has brought great help to the fine measurement and control of industrial processes. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

 In the initial stage, the signal acquisition was done by transformer isolation. Its characteristics are: stable performance, long life, high precision, strong load capacity, high isolation strength, but the circuit is complex and the manufacturing process requires higher requirements. With the development of electronic technology, photoelectric isolators produced by opt couplers have gradually appeared in recent years. Its characteristics are: stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, simple wiring and low cost, but compared to transformer isolation methods The life span is slightly shorter and the accuracy is slightly lower. In some scenes where the interference is large and the process requirements are high, the isolator of the transformer and photoelectric combination mode appears, and its isolation ability, anti-radio frequency and electromagnetic interference ability are stronger.

two. Development status of the industry brand of isolators

The current market for isolator brands is divided into two camps, the domestic camp and the foreign camp. The domestic camp mainly uses low prices as a breakthrough. Most foreign camps win the market with their brand and quality advantages.

In the past two years, more and more competitors have entered this market, so all manufacturers have not improved their production. They are mainly used in the petrochemical and chemical fields. Isolated safety barriers account for a large proportion, while Zener types are rare. Other industries, metallurgy, etc. are all fragmented, but they account for less. Intelligence is one of the development trends.

three. Current status of the consumer market in the isolator industry

Technological innovation is the propellant for the progress of modern society. With the continuous development and changes of my country’s social economy, instrumentation equipment has also developed rapidly, and various instrument manufacturers have quickly joined the development of isolators, making the market competition of isolators also Intensified, the isolator is inseparable from the vital role in life. If you want to continue to develop for a long time in this increasingly competitive market, you must see the development trend of the market and pursue technological innovation in order to flourish in a hundred flowers isolators A firm foothold in the market.

Because the development of isolators in our country started late, and the conditions and technologies in all aspects are not perfect. If you want to improve your own deficiencies, you must work hard to learn the level of foreign technology under the premise of scientific and technological innovation, and have your own high-tech skills, but After decades of development, we have a full understanding of the current form of enterprise development. Only from the different needs of customers and market changes can we find breakthroughs in development, and make full use of the innovative thinking of science and technology to develop more functions New instruments and equipment to meet the needs of customers, and with the popularization of automation and intelligence in production, isolators have become more and more abundant.

In the past decades of continuous development, isolators have been widely used in various industries, but the economy is constantly developing, the market is constantly changing, and there are more new types of needs, which require isolator manufacturers to meet these needs, Produce more suitable instruments and equipment.