the function of electronic transformer in intelligent substation

09 Nov 202122

1 Introduction

In the process of substation construction at this stage, automation has gradually become the main construction trend, and traditional instruments and equipment have gradually transitioned to intelligent advanced equipment. Conventional electromagnetic transformer equipment has become a bottleneck in the intelligent construction of substations, and it is difficult to ensure the development and application of intelligent technology in the substation itself. As a product of the development of power technology in the new era, electronic transformers have good stability and have been gradually valued and adopted by the majority of substation builders.

2 Requirements for electronic transformers in smart substations

When selecting an electronic transformer, it must be consistent with the actual voltage level, and ensure that the electronic transformer is consistent with the specific conditions of the substation. For the selection of 220kV substation equipment, the main dual-channel signal output is mainly used and adopted The current transformers of the same level are then connected through optical fibers. In the selection of electronic transformers, it is necessary to ensure that the electronic transformers can accurately measure high-frequency components and non-periodic components, and to ensure that the transformers can meet the requirements of protection, measurement, measurement, dynamic observation and other aspects. Type transformers need to realize dual independent configuration, independent configuration of protection and measurement and control devices, to ensure that there is no mutual interference between the two functional modules.

3 The impact of electronic transformer applications on smart substations

In the process of the development of substation intelligence and automation, the emergence and application of electronic transformers have effectively solved a series of problems in the development of substations and greatly promoted the pace of intelligent construction. It has become a key to the construction of modern substations. Important equipment. The application of electronic transformers greatly simplifies the structure of electronic devices, and through the transmission of digital signals, it can be directly adopted by digital signal receiving equipment, avoiding the equipment required for digital signal conversion, and effectively reducing sampling Use of devices such as holding and digital-to-analog converters.

4 Application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation

4.1 Application of electronic transformer in the secondary circuit

The application of electronic transformers in the secondary circuit can reduce the use of cable lines and reduce the construction cost of substations. In the process of substation construction, optical cables should be used for signal transmission, and the interval control and the compactness of the substation structure design should be ensured to improve the safety and reliability of the substation system. When installing the optical cable, ensure that the installation location is reasonable, and there is no need to verify the accessibility of the electronic transformer and test the loop insulation resistance. The application of electronic transformers does not have problems such as polarity and insulation resistance, which greatly reduces the cost of line construction.

4.2 Application of electronic transformer in relay protection

Electronic transformers have good corresponding capabilities, and according to the related principles of protection action, due to the narrow range of the CT frequency response in the past, it is difficult to reproduce the current waveform at one time. The electronic transformer has a wide frequency response range, which can provide a complete reflection of high-frequency signals, provide a basis for the protection action, and ensure the accuracy of the protection action. The application of the electronic transformer effectively promotes the principle of sampling value differential development of. The application of electronic transformers has effectively promoted the development of sampling value differential principle. The electronic transformer simplifies the relay protection system and improves the efficiency of the relay protection system.

5 concluding remarks

At this stage, as a major trend in the construction of substations, smart substations have gradually received more and more attention from power workers. The research and construction of smart substations in China need to be further improved, and the application of many basic equipment is still in the research and exploration stage. The application of electronic transformers solves the problems in the construction of traditional substations and has important practical significance., In the process of intelligent construction of electronic transformers, relevant technical personnel should attach great importance to them, and through continuous study and research, give full play to the technical advantages of electronic transformers.