Agricultural photovoltaic station completed and connected to grid

03 Aug 202215

Rio Grande do Sul is the primary agricultural and pastoral region in Brazil and has an unshakable position in the Brazilian agricultural and animal husbandry economy. Benefiting from the right time, place and people, this was once a place that farmers and herdsmen yearned for.


In recent years, due to the impact of energy shortage and inflation, the Brazilian Energy Administration has adjusted electricity prices many times. However, as the region with the third largest installed photovoltaic capacity in Brazil, the farmers of Rio Grande do Sul have already taken countermeasures.

In the agricultural and pastoral area of ​​Nandahezhou, an agricultural-optical complementary power station was officially connected to the grid and put into use. At the beginning of the design of the power station, breaking through the traditional limitations, the MAX 250KTL3-X HV model was applied to this for the first time, and the product's efficient and stable performance was brought into play. to the extreme. The power station is expected to generate 1.64 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, with an annual power generation revenue of about $160,000. In addition to the electricity generated in the farming and pastoral areas and the daily electricity consumption of households, all the surplus electricity is connected to the Internet. The power station can bring a lot of extra income to the farmers every year.


Although the terrain of Rio Grande does Sul is flat, it is also in a complex tropical climate and has strict requirements for inverters.


Ultra high protection

Compared with low-power products, the MAX 250KTL3-X HV high-power smart photovoltaic inverter has a protection level of IP66, which is highly waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and can operate normally in an ultra-wide temperature environment of -30~60℃ Work, adapt to complex application scenarios, not afraid of extreme harsh environments, and maintain safe, reliable and stable operation.


PID repair function

In addition to good environmental adaptability, the inverter also specially adds a PID repair function module to prevent the photovoltaic modules from generating PID effects in the local high temperature, high humidity, and high voltage environment, resulting in power attenuation and avoiding loss of power generation. To escort the full life cycle operation of the power station.


Intelligent operation and maintenance

In order to further reduce the post-operation and maintenance costs of the power station, the power station is connected to a smart operation and maintenance platform to achieve a refined and efficient operation and maintenance model. The OSS system will carry out all-round centralized monitoring, early warning and diagnostic analysis on the health status of the power station around the clock. Relying on the platform's massive data simulation training prediction algorithm, it will conduct data analysis on the power generation capacity of the power station, predict equipment failures, and provide early warning reminders; when the system is upgraded It can be upgraded directly and remotely in batches, to achieve accurate, efficient and proactive operation and maintenance, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, shorten the operation and maintenance cycle, and save operation and maintenance costs.


This is the first appearance of the MAX 250KTL3-X HV inverter in the Brazilian market. With the continuous deepening of the company's layout in the Brazilian market, it will go ahead in the aggressive photovoltaic market in Brazil, bringing more high-quality products to this lively and fragrant market. every corner of the country.