China new opportunities, electric car charging field

04 Sep 2018713

On September 15, In Guangdong Province Development and Reform Commission witness, Guangdong Province Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Union") held the first meeting of members, Election to the relevant regulatory agencies, Marking the alliance into the substantive operation. At the same time, Guangdong charging facilities intelligent service platform unveiled mystery, The platform consists of "Guangdong easy charging", "Guangdong easy charging" portal and intelligent monitoring system. APP,As of September 14, the platform has access to 18 charging facilities operators, Charging station 1819, charging pile 13438, To meet the province's 1/5 of the electric vehicle users at the same time online charging, With more operators to join, this data is still rising.

Build new energy automotive industry 100 billion "blue ocean"

The industry believes that electric vehicles and charging facilities there is a clear symbiotic relationship. At present, the development of charging facilities and electric vehicles in Guangdong Province is not yet coordinated, On the one hand, the size and density of charging facilities still can't meet the basic requirements of electric vehicle travel, construction constraints are more difficult to coordinate; On the other hand, charging facilities technology development "has been on the road", did not explore a mature business model.

The establishment of the alliance, to Solve the above problems. It is understood that, The alliance consists of energy suppliers, charging facilities manufacturers, charging operators, third-party organizations and related organizations, Will form a joint force, the activation of public goods, public services "twin engine" to jointly promote the development of the industry. Elected by the first general meeting of the Union, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation and the Guangdong Provincial Communications Group, respectively, as the Union's chairman and vice chairman, Relying on the advantages of power grid and transportation network, Open up the key points of the construction of charging facilities. At the same time, The Alliance has a technical co-ordinating committee, Charging Facilities Standards Implementation Promotion Committee, Charging operations service synergy committee, Network intelligence information And the Statistical Commission, Study and formulate charging facilities standards, Promote relevant technical chain perfection and unimpeded, Promote standardization and large-scale development of charging service, Charging facilities interconnection, Effectively promote the electric vehicle charging infrastructure benign development. It is estimated that 2016 to 2020, The province's total investment in charging facilities construction is about RMB54 billion, Is expected to drive power battery output value of about RMB42 billion, Electric car output value of about RMB220 billion, Build a veritable hundred billion "blue ocean".

Achieve a single charging facilities interconnection 

The existing charging pile has the problem of low utilization ratio. They are in the province's 16 prefecture-level city layout of the 13702 charge pile, The highest utilization rates are mainly in the main urban areas of Guangzhou and Huizhou, Charging facilities operator Lee manager said, "Where the utilization rate is lowest ,On-line 26 months charge only 4.6 kwh." Due to charging the old and new agreement is not uniform, Charging operators are many and scattered, and there is "information difference" between operators and users",Resulting in the storage of charging piles independently into one ,Electric cars can't find the main pile, or found a pile can't be used, This is the status of each other fragmented lead to a lot of charging pile from the built on in the idle state.

Commissioned by the Guangdong provincial development and reform commission, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation is responsible for the development and construction of the "Guangdong easy charge" APP to achieve the interconnection of charging pile. Horizontally , To provide users with different charging operators choice, Users in the province's 21 prefecture level cities can find more than one available charging pile. Vertically, "Guangdong easy charge" to provide users with one-stop "one-button" service, That is, a key to find a pile, a key navigation, a key charge, a key to pay, Users can search the nearest, You can also search the specified operator vertically.

In addition, Intelligent monitoring system dig deep "charging large data" connotation, Support data open sharing, The realization of the charging facilities construction layout analysis, station operation analysis, user behavior analysis, service radius analysis, access data verification, subsidy application and other functions, For government decision-making and supervision to provide effective data support.

Guangdong will build a " one longitudinal, one horizontal, two radiation"

It is reported that, To crack the electric car owners "mileage anxiety".

To the "thirteen five" end,The province will be based on the highway network, strengthening the interconnection of charging infrastructure, Completion of the Pearl River Delta loop high-speed G94, Shenhai Guangzhou branch line S15, Guangao Expressway G4W, Guanghui Expressway S21,Guanfo Expressway G94 (11) Service area intercity fast charge station construction, To achieve the Pearl River Delta loop charging network through.

Simultaneously, Open up the province "big artery" Completion of Jinggangao high-speed G4(Shaoguan - Guangzhou - Zhuhai), Shenhai high-speed G15(Chaozhou - Guangzhou - Zhanjiang), Guang - kun high-speed G80(Guangzhou - Yunfu), Long deep high-speed G25 (Shenzhen - Meizhou) Service area charging network full coverage construction, To achieve the Guangdong region " one longitudinal, one horizontal, two radiation " high-speed trunk charging network through, The charging network connects the cities and the surrounding provinces.

In addition, in order to further strengthen the interconnection with Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong power grid company plans to invest about 90 million yuan to build Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge artificial island charging demonstration projects, 550 charging piles are built, Fully consider the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao three electric vehicle standards, Planned in the artificial island of the traffic center, travel inspection area A, for the bus, long distance bus, tourist bus and clearance bus and electric taxi, To provide three vehicles GM, fast charge-based charging facilities. Which 360 kW DC fast charge device can achieve 6-10 minutes fast charge, battery life 80 km.