MCM400 Four channels sub-meter

MCM400 meter be designed for commercial and residental power circuit sub-metering project. It integrate 4pcs three phase energy meter, or 12pcs single phase energy meter. Metering operation processing by different MCU, provide high accuracy billing performerance.

The unit performs real-time metering, measures energy consumption, multi-tariff time-of-use (TOU) and monitors power quality max 4 channels circuit for three phase circuits, with LCD screen and keypad for easy for configuration. RS485 port can send out collected value to remote host. It is ideal for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers and other multi-user environments

File Update time
MCM400-1.2.pdf 2020-05-20
MCM400 Four channels sub-meter
MCM400 Four channels sub-meter


-. Class 0.2/0.5 basic parameter and class 1 for active energy
-. 4 channels three phase metering
-. Current measuring .../100mA or .../333mV 
-. Standard 35mm - 4 module DIN rail mounting
-. With LCD screen on the meter body panel mount
-. Optional TOU record for each monitor channels
-. Accept customization design 

Power Supply AC / DC 80-265V, 45-65Hz
Burned < 6VA
Current Measurement  .../ 100mA or .../ 333mV
Burned < 0.1W
Voltage Measurement Direct measurement 30~450V ac (L-L)
Burned < 0.1W
Frequency Measurement 45~65Hz
Accuracy U / I / P / Q - 0.5% (Optional 0.2%)
Frequency - 0.1%
Active Energy - 1.0 class
Reactive Energy - 2.0 class
Communication Port RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode


Typical Wiring

Metering Parameter

Function Parameter
Real-time Parameter Voltage Va, Vb, Vc & Vab, Vbc, Vca
Current per channel & per phase
Power per channel & per phase
Reactive Power per channel & per phase
Apparent Power per channel & per phase
Power Factor per channel & per phase
Frequency per channel
Energy Active Energy + per channel
Reactive Energy + per channel
Active Energy - per channel
Reactive Energy - per channel
TOU 4 Tariffs, 12 Segment
Power Quality THD THD
Individual Harmonic 2nd-21st
Alarming Over/Under Limit Alarm total 5 different alarm upload
Display External LCD display (RS485 connection)
COMM RS485 Modbus-RTU
BJ-MCM400V .../333mV signal access
BJ-MCM400A 100mA signal access