DP-M1 Din-rail DC energy meter

DP-M1 is new design din-rail mounting DC metering device, provide DC circuit basic parameter value, use RS485 MODBUS line send data to site server or remote SCADA. With 1 digital output can control local load. It is a high-performance automatic metering device suitable for solar plant and Telecom server room, BMS application in UPS system etc.

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QP-M1_4023A_1.0.docx 2020-03-10
DP-M1 Din-rail DC energy meter
DP-M1 Din-rail DC energy meter


-. Din-rail mounting design & Compact size
-. Provide DC voltage, current, power, energy value in one
-. Record energy value in absolute value or signed value
-. Accept customerized modify

Power Supply 9~30Vdc
Current Input Signal Direclty connect 1mA / 20mA / 100mA / 1A / 5A optional
External Shunt 50mV / 75mV / 100mV optional
Voltage Input Signal 5V / 10V / 30V / 100V / 300V optional
Sampling ratio 20ms, 40ms, 60ms, 80ms, 100ms, 400ms, 1000ms adjustment, default 100ms
Drive ability Voltage impedance> 2kΩ/V
Current input terminal voltage drop is less than 0.15V
Accuracy U / I 0.2%fs
P 0.2%fs
Energy 0.5%fs
Communication Port RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Isolation withstand voltage >2500V DC
Alarms Outputs (Optional) NO contactor, load capacity 250VAC/30VDC/5A