OPT-R Rack Mounting Inverter

OPT-R pure sine wave inverter designed for the field of telecom applications. Integrated utility bypass, and can be cascaded for redundancy. Designed for long Mean Time Between Failure, these inverters provide the dependable AC power that your networks demand. The compact 2U rackmount package makes this model the right selection for limited space applications. 

OPT-R Power Inverters are designed and built for full reliability at any location. These intelligent, dependable inverters provide economical AC power for all your network needs.

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OPT-R Rack Mounting Inverter
OPT-R Rack Mounting Inverter


-. Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load.
-. 19'' rack mounting design
-. With AC online mode, short power switching time and lower impact to output grid
-. Provide bypass without DC connected.
-. Optional DI, DO port for on-site alarm
-. Optional remote control function.

Rated power 1KW ~ 10KW Optional
AC Input system 1Ph+N+PE
DC Input 48VDC / 110VDC / 220VDC Optional
Voltage Output 110VAC / 220VAC, ±5% (Inverter mode)
Output wave Pure sine wave
THD<3%(linear load) Sine Wave THD<8%(nonlinear load)
Inverter switching time < 10ms (typical load)
Inverter efficiency > 85% 
Output overload 110-120% @ 60s
120-150% @ 30s
Protection feature Battery overvoltage / low voltage, overload, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, Accept custumoerized
Operating temperature 0-40C (Storage -15 - +50C)
Machine Size 430 x 482 x 88mm (19' rack, 2U height)


OPT-R-1KVA Output capacity 800W
OPT-R-3KVA Output capacity 2400W
OPT-R-6KVA Output capacity 4800W
OPT-R-10KVA Output capacity 8000W