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DC Panel insulation monitoring

Insulation monitoring device is widely used in DC Panel. This article will introduce the DC panel insulation monitoring from the definition, reason, working principle and so on.

What is a DC panel? 

DC panel is an ideal battery DC power panel, which is used in substations (distribution), substations, and power plants as a DC control and protection power supply and operating power supply for electromagnetic operating mechanisms.

What is insulation monitoring of the DC panel? 

The insulation monitoring of the DC panel mainly includes branch circuit insulation monitoring and main circuit insulation monitoring in the DC panel. Branch insulation monitoring is to monitor the insulation condition of each feeder branch. The main monitoring is the load problem of each branch. Main circuit insulation refers to the insulation problem on the DC main bus, which includes two insulations, one is the branch and the other is the busbar.

Why DC panel need insulation monitoring? 

First of all, the DC panel and the earth are two disconnected systems! The voltage balance of the earth is zero. If you connect the positive and the ground, then the negative is -220V to the ground. If you put the negative to the ground, then the positive is 220 volts to the ground. Electric potential is relative. To ensure system and personal safety, reliable lightning protection and electrical insulation measures (ie, insulation monitoring devices) are necessary. Because the insulation monitoring device can monitor the insulation condition of the system in real time, it protects the DC panel from damage to its own equipment or external equipment due to peripheral equipment or self-system grounding. Secondly, the insulation monitoring system is part of the DC panel.

How insulation monitor work in DC Panels?

figure of insulation monitoring for dc panel

The insulation monitoring relay monitors the DC bus insulation in the DC panels. When the bus insulation drops, it indicates the bus grounding direction and sends a warning signal. The alarm action current can be set, and the user can choose the setting according to his or her own needs during use.

Insulation monitoring device for DC Panels