Technology of Electrical Automatic


Smart energy metering need high quality equipment for monitoring power consumption especially in large-scale public buildings. Adopting advanced technology, it is more intelligent, automatic, and great reducing man power. With power measurement system installed, your building must be in effective management of both energy and human resources.

With power measurement system installed, you can easily get the information how much energy consumption every day. With it, you can get payback of energy saving and man power reducing in a short time.

Power Measurement System

Located at center room, main control system contains an advanced computer and other settings as UPS, printer and alarm. Power measurement software is monitoring and controlling the whole electrical equipments.

In middle of level one and level three, communication system transforms digital information from site equipments measurement level to station management level. It improves the whole system to be more real-time, larger capable. Additionally, this system can share the data information by easily connecting with other systems though Ethernet switches.

Using panel meters and DIN-rail meters, site monitor system is monitoring and measuring electrical parameters of all site equipments. With RS458 communication, this system transmits various electrical parameters and signals to communication level. All these devices work independently.

The power measurement system contains three levels according to function features:

Level One — main control system (station management level)

Level Two — communication system (Internet communication level)

Level Three — site monitor system (site equipment measurement level) Level one Level two Level three

Advanced Features

Large-scale public buildings should adopt power measurement system to monitor and control energy consumption for its distinctive features as follows:

1. Using panel meters and din-rail meters, it is easy to install and connect with other devices.
2. With MODBUS or GPRS, it can work harmoniously with other electrical applications.
3. Effective management of both energy and human resources. 


Electrical parameter is a great tool of effective energy management for industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent large-scale public buildings.

Measurements as follows:

Three-phase voltage
Three-phase current
Power factor
Active power
Reactive power
Energy consumption

194 Series multi-function meter is an advanced energy monitoring device. Using panel, the meter can easily install inside the electrical cabinet. It can precisely monitor power parameters including current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor etc. Specific features:

1) Panel dimension: 96*96mm
2) Standard input: 450V, 5A
3) Classic accuracy: 0.5 / 0.2
4) With MODBUS communication
5) Wide size LCD or LED display

MCM Series Multi-channel energy meter design for sub-metering project, to replace regular single phase or three phase meter, one unit integrate 18pcs (1P smart meter) or 6pcs (3P smart meter), much reduce project cost. Specific features:

1) Current input: ../5A or ../100mA or ../333mV
2) Voltage input: 220V / 450V
3) Classic accuracy: 0.5
4) With MODBUS communication


1. When communication system is fault, alarm begins in working.
2. Multi user system: including several administrators and many gusts to use this system
3. Easy-to-use graphical diagrams of energy consumption are clearly shown by year, month or day.
4. System also provides analysis of real-time curves and historical trend curves to meet user’s need.
5. Any diagrams can be printed by EXCEL or WORD format. (Optional)

Software can precisely monitor and measure digital of energy consumption in whole electrical circuit. With easy-to-use graphical programming, you can customize the measurements you want to take with the hardware. Function


The power measurement system can conveniently monitor power energy consumption in real time. Hence, it can improve the whole electrical applications higher reliability and energy saving. Using various communication terminals to exchange digital information, the system reduces man resources and maintenance cost. Additionally, the system provide you analysis information how much energy consumption every day. With those advantages, you can benefit a lot from the power measurement system.