Technology of Electrical Automatic


Blue Jay developed MICO-RACE wireless temperature monitor, is a completely customized monitoring display and alarm system, standard works in 433MHz frequency (250-910MHz adjustable), provide cloud server for multi-user company and PC use software for small company application.

MICO-RACE contains at least one data receiver (Model MRR), one wireless temp monitor sensor (Model MRS). User can freely build the monitor network based on usage scenarios, only need existing network access can transmit data.

Why we use wireless temperature monitor 

Many industries need to use temperature detect and record. For example, if you work in a cold chain transport and storage, good need in a stable temperature range from factory to end user, different tempeature monitor system data can not easy integrate together.

Your team may collect data from a wall mounted gauge, download data from transport logger, and export data from some old monitor system. Then you had to prepare a table or curve of full stage temperature monitoring data to the end user.

Switching and data collection of different systems make you have to invest more human resources, Let your company management costs so high.

Somebody may say how about I purchase new temprature monitor system to solve this one time? that high investment and labor cost in install system bring in other problem.

But if using MICO-RACE system, modern and efficient wireless plug-play design, you can check every temperature metering point value with your office PC without the need for mounds of paperwork. Even temporary leased warehouses or old warehouse renovations will not to endure cobweb-site wiring, only need to place MRS sensors in suitable location and powered the MRR receiver in site.

How MICO-RACE work

The wireless temperature monitor system transmits the temperature data at regular intervals to the specified host or remote IP address, where the data is processed and presented as user-friendly and flexible reports. These can be easily accessed anytime. Blue Jay provides Cloud Server design and maintenance services, also provides free account for test cloud server.

If a remote sensor MRS detected temperature goes out of the preset range, it will trigger an alert and update immediately. This info can be read and store in host or cloud server. Blue Jay also provide on-site display unit, that can text visual display temp info and send audible alarms for notice Maintenance person, via RS485 also can transmit alarm signal to control center. The memory in base monitoring unit can record all temperature data and corrective actions are archived providing complete first-hand information.

What are the benefits MICO-RACE can take for user

Having a temperature sensor acting as your data logger installed as part of the temperature monitor system allows you freedom of paperwork. No more forms to fill in, which not only saves time but also saves storage space. From the wireless temperature monitor system, you can build a wireless network; they are also can integrate with other system, such as SCADA, EMS, and DCS that can make your control system more reliable and accurate.

Where we can use MICO-RACE

MICO-RACE designed as Plug-in & Play device, can connect producers, distributors and transport side, organic combination of cold-chain, fresh food, medical drugs and vaccines in all aspects of state monitoring, also consumers through the cloud service know the purchase of goods meets the cold fresh preservation standards.

System feature and working principle The use of residual current monitoring is a pre-fire alarm system, main advantage is to “avoid” losses, while the traditional general fire automatic alarm system is to “reduce” losses. Therefore, no matter whether it is a new construction or reconstruction project, whether or not a general fire automatic alarm system is installed at the scene, it is still recommended to install an electrical fire monitoring system. The system measures the two key physical parameter: Residual current and Temperature. Let’s take an example via TN-S system. A/B/C/N wiring through residual current transformer, when there is no leakage in the system, the vector sum of the current flowing into and out of the CT is zero, CT secondary side current is also 0; when earth leakage occurs, the vector sum of the current flowing into – out CT is equal to the current flowing away from the earth, that is leakage current. Temperature sensor generally uses Pt100. It can achieve stable temperature measurement and a large range, in system for monitoring cable temperature and ambient temperature. If the two monitored physical parameter exceed the preset value, an audible and visual alarm signal will be issued and sent to the background electrical fire monitoring equipment.