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Can I choose 12,24,48V AUX power?

Blue Jay’s regular meter provides a switch power supplier; the typical working range is 85-265Vac/dc or 90-240Vac/dc. Please ensure that the auxiliary power can match for meter to prevent damage to the product.

connect of digital power meter - auxiliary power
connect of digital power meter – auxiliary power

194 series have an extra 48Vdc and 20-60Vdc two types of power modules to select. 48Vdc is characterized for communication power systems, and 20-60Vdc provide a large range for various circuit application. Two modules also have different prices, please contact our sales team for support.

Other products may have DC AUX selection: For some trial orders, engineer may simply transplant existing DC power module through jumpers wiring, but it is only limited to some applications with low requirements.

Cautions: Due to the power module being temporarily fixed in products, generally speaking, this test sample cannot withstand the Hipot test, also may not pass EMC testing or other electrical performance tests.

Blue Jay will redesign the circuit board after the functional verification (so the product will be suitable for the OEM-II contract, click here for more details), and the official product can fully meet the technical indicators.