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What Is RS485 Energy Meter?

RS485 Energy Meter is a type of energy meter that uses the RS485 communication protocol for data transmission. The RS485 energy meter is also a bus communication electric meter that supports the Modbus/RTU protocol. RS485 has two-way communication capabilities and can receive and send data at the same time, meeting the communication requirements of smart meters. RS485 energy meter is commonly used in building management or industrial automation applications for monitoring and measuring energy consumption.

Din Rail RS485 Energy Meter

The DEM series are energy meter with rs485 modbus. They are LCD Display and 35mm din rial installation. single phase and three phase are optional.

Multi-circuit RS485 Energy Meter

The communication of MCM series are RS485 (2/3wires half duplex). Up to 18 channels, 4 or 6 metering ICs built-in, single phase or three phase optional, Ethernet port optional.

DC Energy Meter With RS 485

The DCEM series DC power meter rs485 is connected with DC shunts or DC current transformers. It is used for DC panels, solar power, tele base stations, and charging piles. Voltage up to 600V or 1000V, easy to installation.

Multifuction Power Meter RS485

The APM series power meter with rs485 is a ideal multi function meter with rs485. Accuracy class 0.2, LCD Display, SOE record, virtural alarm function.

Feature of RS485 Energy Meter

  1. High accuracy and reliability
  2. Modbus RTU communication protocol
  3. Multiple communication interfaces
  4. Data logging and storage
  5. Real-time monitoring and remote access
  6. Multi-rate and time-of-use tariff options
  7. Overload and tamper detection
  8. Compact and easy installation.
  9. Generally, supports 32 nodes
  10. Maximum transmission distance is about 1200 meters
  11. Maximum data transmission rate is 39800 Baud

Application of Power Energy Meter

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