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Energy Meter Symbols on Energy Meter Nameplate

To understand energy meter symbols on an energy meter nameplate, you need to know what they are. These can be found on the reverse power flow indicator, auxiliary voltage supply, watt-hour constant, and meter registration. Let’s take a closer look. Here are some examples:

  • Meter registration

Voltage rating be showing normal voltage or voltage range, 3×230/400V  mean this meter working in three phase 230V L-N or 400V L-L grid.

Current rating 20(80)A mean meter max 80A, basic current value is 20A, then minimal start value is 0.08A. In IEC62052-11:2020 new rules, current rating indicator will change to Imin – In (Imax), Blue Jay can provide new nameplate as order request.

There also need to show frequency, 50-60Hz mean this meter can work in both 50Hz or 60Hz grid.


  • Reverse power flow indicator

The reverse power flow indicator is a symbol in meter screen or LED indicator on nameplate, that shows power feeding back into the power grid. In Blue Jay’s use “GEN” to mark. This can be caused by excess solar power feeding back into the grid, or error wiring of the meter. There also use “bidirectional symbol” to show this meter can both metering power consumed and power generated.


  • Meter markings

An energy meter’s nameplate should clearly identify the functions it controls. For instance, an electric energy meter should state its class 1 or class 2 accuracy in short will use Cl.1 or Cl.2. If kwh meter reference standard is IEC62053-21, kVarh meter reference standard is IEC62053-23.

A pulse light should be present as well, which flashes when electricity is being used. Another meter nameplate should include the meter’s “1600imp/kWh” pulse constant, which means that every time the meter reads one kWh of electricity, it will generate about 1600 pulses.


  • Other energy meter symbols

  This is for protective class is shown as symbol. Our meters have protective class 2.

Electrical shock, meter connected 220V wire, this is dangers to people, install and maintains meter need switch off power and disconnect from circuit.

Measuring elements. This mean single phase meter. Another symbol for 3 phase 4 wire is: