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What Is Modbus Energy Meter?

Modbus energy meter is an energy meter that uses Modbus communication protocol for data transmission and control. It can measure and record power consumption, provide voltage, current, power factor, and other parameters, and can communicate and exchange data with other devices through the Modbus protocol. In industrial automation, the Modbus energy meter is most commonly used.

Feature of Modbus Energy Meter

It has a remote control function and an alarm setting function.
It has high precision and can accurately measure power consumption.
It has a data storage function and can record historical power consumption data.

The usage of electric energy can be monitored in real-time, including power, current, voltage, and other parameters.

Supports Modbus communication protocol and can interact with other devices for data. The Modbus protocol can be used with various communication methods like RS-485. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and communication requirements between devices. For example, Modbus energy meters can establish communication with various devices such as PLCs, computers, and concentrators. This facilitates seamless integration and data exchange between these devices.

Modbus energy meter is highly reliable due to the fault tolerance and error detection mechanisms of the Modbus protocol. It uses CRC checksums to ensure data integrity during transmission. Modbus supports both master-slave and multi-master modes, allowing for reliable communication and data exchange.

Modbus energy meters are easily integrated and expanded as the Modbus protocol is widely supported in industrial automation. Integration and expansion between Modbus devices are simple and convenient.

Modbus energy meters are open because the Modbus protocol has no patent restrictions and can be freely used by any manufacturer. This allows for a wide range of Modbus energy meter options from different energy meter manufacturers to choose from.

Modbus Energy Meter We Can Provide

Modular Modbus RTU Energy Meter

The DEM series modbus rtu energy meter measrures voltage,current, power, power factor, frequecy, active & reactive energy meter. Up to 7 modules width Din-rial, Pulse port: 1600imp/kwh, 1P2W, 3P3W & 3P4W, IP Protection: IP40 front panel and Ip20 casing.

Multi-circuit Modbus Energy Meter

Muti-circuits Modbus energy meter with LCD display, up to 6 channels. Individial harmonic: 2-31th; Poviding 5 virtual alarm triggers. RS-485 Modbus RTU communication.

Modbus Power Meter We Can Provide

Single Phase Modbus Power Meter

The single phase modubas power meter feature: Power supply self-powered or 85-265V. Display capacity 9999999kwh; MOdule number 2-3, Voltage rating 230V; wiring method 1P2W; Current Accuracy class 0.2%-0.5%; weight 130g or 170g.

Modbus 3 Phase Power Meter

The APM series 3 phase power meter is a digital multifunction meter. Features: CT secondary 1 or 5A, Input consumption <0.1VA, PT secondary 100VAC/400VAC, Frequency 50/60Hz, Accuracy 0.2%-0.5%. Protocol: Modbus RTU.

DC Power Meter Modbus

The DCEM series DC power meter Modbus features: 85-265VDC/AC power supply, Shunt input default 75MV, max up to 1000V, access with shunt, Segment LCD.

Application of Modbus Energy Meter

Modbus energy meter is widely used in power systems, industrial automation, energy management, and other fields. It can monitor and manage energy consumption in real time, improve energy utilization efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

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